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The Process To Fix The songs code

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# 06.12.2018 - 11:54:46

Chromecast has peeped its way into the world of smart entertainment streaming devices, but there are certain limitations to this device, which most people don’t know. If you own Google Chromecast and want to side-load songs while streaming music on Google Chromecast, then you may not be able to do that because of the code that bars the device from doing this. You can download Chromecast app or extension, but the problem is going to remain as it is.
Today we are going to discuss the code that you get on the TV screen while streaming the music files from the mobile library. This code mainly displays when you are playing the music from the phone that is not purchased from the google play music app. The source of this music file can be discs or other internet websites from where it has been downloaded. When you transfer these music files from the source to your mobile and try to listen to the TV then you will get the error code that says ‘can’t play side-loaded music remotely’. Many people have done Chromecast free download on their smartphones just to play the audio and video content that they possess, but they were not able to do that.
We will provide you the resolution to this problem through step by step guide. You need to follow the steps in the same manner in which we are going to discuss in this blog post.

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